Some tracks in various styles ...

Mutah - PsyDub (Preview) by CoExisT CoExisT - Muniverse (Live at La Dynamo) by CoExisT CoExisT - Goodbye (Live at La Dynamo) by CoExisT


Oct 6th 2012 Qui est à l'appareil ? at L'Aero, Toulouse

June 23rd 2012 CopyFest at La Dynamo, Toulouse

May 26th 2012 THSF 2012 at Mixart'Myris : "Music for Galactical Tapas : HACKED_SIGFOOD2"

May 25th 2012 THSF 2012 at Mixart'Myris : "Music for a Galactical Kitchen Work : SIGFOOD2, stomach kick and bowel bass"

February 25th 2012 @La Dynamo, Toulouse, Kapblanc Dubz Tape party with CoExisT

November 24th 2011 Culture BarBar @Les Tilleuls - with CoExisT

September 24th 2011 Apocalypse Zone Fest / Labo 1KA Mixart'Myris

May 28th 2011THSF 2011 at Mixart'Myris : "Music for a Galactical Kitchen Work"


In 2009, I joined CoExisT, initially playing doublebass while slowly moving to live machine music production.

Since 2010, I perform live sessions with groove machines in a old-school way, still refusing to introduce laptop and computer things except for track recording. My current work is essentially inspired by DubStep, TripHop, Drum'n'Bass and Hardcore.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.


Email : mutah arobase reynerie dot org